Indonesia (Kepulauan Riau)

The Riau Islands (Indonesian: Kepulauan Riau, abbreviated to Kepri) are an archipelago in Indonesia, located east of Sumatra. Two islands are south of Singapore.

The Riau Islands Province came into existence in July, 2004, when it was separated from neighboring Riau Province on the island of Sumatra. It includes the islands of Karimun, Batam, Bintan, Singkep-Lingga, and the Anambas and Natuna island groups in the South China Sea. Though Kepri is a new addition to the political map of Indonesia, the far-flung islands of this archipelago make up one of the most important historical regions in the country.

Visitors can come to Riau Island by plane or ferry. Many of the seaports in the Riau Islands and the main airport on Batam are visa-free and visa-on-arrival points of entry

Riau has many fantastic beaches. Which is, Bintan is the largest island, home to the provincial capital Tanjung Pinang and to a large resort area. Next, Batam is an island with a fast-growing city, industrial zones, resort area and an international airport The cultural center for stage performances of Malay music and dances is located in Tanjung Pinang. The center organize regulary festivals and other cultural performances, such as music and dance.

The province is famous for it seafood restaurants, in capital you will find many first class seafood restaurants to very low price

In the capital of the Riau province Tanjung Pinang will you find many historical attractions. The famous Buddhist Temple and Penyengat Island. With the famous Mesjid Raya Mosque made by egg. Include the unique building, it’s much a spiritual island. To be there you smell the glorious history of Indonesia, you can find the parts of the kings palace. Several mausoleum of royalties and a spirit of old religion. The mysterious of Indonesia, this is maybe the place. Good/evil, black/light, animism. The old ruler’s palace and royal tombs, among them the grave of the respected Sultan Haji, who also was creator and author of the first Malay Language grammar book, are among the legacies left by the Riau sultanate. Still in use is the old vice-royal mosque the Mesjid Raya.