Terms & Conditions

-Self -drive rates cover a full 24 hours rental and all maintenance charges. The costs of petrol and collision damage waiver are not included

-Driver must be between the ages of 23 and 65 years.

-All renters of Self-Drive cars must posses a valid local or international driving license.The driving license must have been held for at least 2 years

-The estimated rental charge is payable on talking of the car and the final adjustment will be made on completion of the rental The following charge cards are acceptable ie American Express, Visa, Master Card and Diners
Minimum rental 1 day. Excess hour is calculated at 1/5 of the Daily Rate. More than 5 hours would be charged as an additional day.

-Should the Renter wish to extend the rental beyond the agreed terminating date,it is important that the renting station be advised immediately and the required charges paid so that the insurance cover is extended. Failure to do so may mean the Renter is driving the vehicle without insurance.

-All renters except those paying by accepted credit cards, are required to pay the full expected rental charges including a RM500 additional deposit upon signing of the Rental Agreement.

-Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is included in the rates to reduce the excess liability to a minimal Non-Waiverable Excees (refer schedule). CDW will only be effected subject to availability of a police report. CDW does not cover the new amount as per schedule below which will be the responsibility of the Hirer. Any loss of accessories or damages caused to upper body or undercarriage of the vehicle is not covered by insurance or the purchase of CDW and will be the responsibility of the Hirer.

Rates include coverage of third property damage,unlimited for third party bodily injuries and passenger liability.
Cover for the loss of the vehicle by fire and theft are included. The Hirer is obliged to report promoptly(within 24 hours) any excident, theft or vandalism involving the rented vehicle to DIALTA or nearest police station. This is to enable further investigation of such accident or loss of vehicle. Failure to comlpy with the above may void all liability protection. All insurance coverage is subject to compliance of the term and condition specified in the Rental Agreement. Any breach of the agreement will result in nil coverage

Non-Waiverable EXCESS (NWE)
-Non-Waiverable Excess on damage and/or missing accessories to the rented vehicle by the Hirer shall apply and pay such following applicable charges in the following schedule .-
*RM 18 per day for car group AA-CC (NWE .RM 500)
*RM 25 per day for car group DD-EE (NWE .RM 1000)
*RM 35 per day for car group FF-II (NWE RM 3500)

-Every Dialta car leaves our premises with a full tank of petrol.The renter is charged for refilling to the brim again on return. All cars run on unleaded petrol.

-All parking fees,parking or traffic fines are the responsibility of the Renter.

-ALL DIALTA cars are strictly prohibited to enter into Singapore and Thailand.

-All items and good discharging unpleasant odours are strictly forbidden from being carried in the vehicle ie. Durians Mangosteens,Salted Fish etc. The Renter will be liable to reimburse Dialta on demand for all cost of eliminating such odours including the servicing of the whole air-conditioner system and the loss of rental days to DIALTA. Smoking is also prohibited in all DIALTA cars.

-The Renter is advised to observe all road regulation.
In case of accident,please report to the nearest police station and the Dialta Car Rental location in the vicinity.